Tuesday, June 26, 2007

a update for June 26

OK, I know you are all sitting at home wondering - man what are those dudes up to? Why have they not been calling me? well, truth is I am so busy I dont know where my head is...Marcel has a runny nose. No biggy, excpet that he cant sleep and, by default, neither can I. So here I am...sleepless.

We had an awesome weekend at Mark's mom's house (she has a name, other than grandma - Donna). She lives in Bassano, a cute prairie town, and life actually seems to slow down a little there. bike riding was great! I'll post some of the gorgeous photos Mark took. It was so nice, the weather gorgeous, excpet little bubbas nose kept him from fully enjoying himself...oh well.
So now, this week, we are getting out student from venezuela next monday. Her name is Jenny, we are busy setting up her room, and then we got this novel idea to paint the basement while theres no furniture in it...and Donna and Bob can come and help - so we do that this saturday...(Believe it or not Im a designer and as of yet I have never chosen colours for my own home and painted it...and I picked these ones in about 5 minutes...man, I hope it looks OK!)

So the cat needs to be shaved immediately. He long hair has all matted and I didnt know we had to brush her so often! but they need vaccination papers...Ahhh, shes a farm cat - we dont have those! (but they told us she had her vaccinations, so, now we go on a paper witch hunt...)

we are looking for a day home or day care for marcel, which is stressfull too. I dont like the idea of leaving him with a stranger. He is third on the waiting list for the Mt. Royal Day care - so he may not make it for september...yikes! but he can get into petro canada september anyways...so we just need somewhere for the summer...we'll keep you posted.

So, my mom leaves for the island tomorrow, so that will be a big chane not having her around. Dad is going to help watch Marcel on thursday...

So we've been busy...and this week will be busier! But hopefully in a couple weeks we will have:

a more yellow basement - with a rec room, office and entertainment room (and space for friends and family to visit - YAY!)

A nice room for our student to stay in, and yes a new member of our household!

A pleasantly shaved cat

a healthy baby with a happy place to go when I am at work

a nicer garden (maybe some tomatoes)

and maybe a chance to relax and have a little fun! (I think if mark doesnt get to a movie soon, he may explode - that would be interesting ya think?)

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