Thursday, June 28, 2007


So alot of people ask me about my work and what I am working on. Well, I am in intern architect, which means that I have finished all my schooling but am completing my work experience requirements, before I can actually call myself an Architect.
I currently work for a company called Marshall Tittemore Architects. (or MTA for short). You can see on the web the type of work we do.

As an intern I work on all sorts of projects, doing preliminary work - like site analysis and survey info and I do design work, and at times, I do production - like working drawings. Theres a lot to learn. I'm glad to be at a company where theres a lot of people to learn from!

I have been doing work in Canmore and Banff, multifamily condos and the like. You can check three sisters mountain village or spring creek mountain village for some projects I worked on recently...I have leared a lot about fancy sloped roofs and working in the mountains. Next time I'm up there I'll take some pics of other projects I worked on and you can see what I mean!
The pics on top are all projects I worked on. For these I mostly did design work. Usually I work in a team, which I like, so theres not really any one building I design on my own, but its cool to see stuff I did when I drive by a new building. Right now I am doing a bit of work on the buildings at sunshine village - so think of me next time you go skiing! (OK, its not just me...but you get it...)

I like doing a variety of types of work, and do my best to learn the most from each project. I work mostly on the computer using Archicad 10, whis is a usefull program for me. Anyways, thats a bit about what I do...

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