Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another week

Well, its marcel's second week at his day home. This morning saying goodbye was much harder...he knows whats going on, and he wasnt happy about me leaving. Im hoping hes going to have a good day anyways. We had such a good weekend, playing soccor on the lawn, ice cream, watching movies in the basement - and Marcel got new trucks!

OK, so first things first. The basement is done! It looks great - Michelle and Cam, you have to see it. My doubts about the colour are totally gone. I cant believe I even thought twice! Its so nice to have a yellow basement...Im going to take pictures tonights so you can all see. Mark has his three computers (well - essentially) set up there, and its all hooked up to the TV, so we can get cozy and watch the movies. we all watched the movie -"step up" on the weekend (jenny's choice) it was great fun!

Marcel has discovered trucks. (mom, this is for you) He screams with joy every time we drive by a bus, or the c-train. And now he pushed cars and trucks around the room making broom broom noises. hes such a boy...He played in the basement in his tent with his trucks for almost an hour on the weekend... while mark was watching him. We got him three fire trucks and three polics trucks. Public service is important!

Jenny met Marks family for a barb-que, which was nice. I think shes settling in well. We are sure enjoying having her...theres a pic of all of us above.

I didnt get much reading done this weekend, but I was able to bounce the soccor ball seven times on my knee before dropping it.
And by the way mom, Im sorry I havnt posted the pics of you and Marcel yet...they are still on the camera - I'll get on it soon!


Hoogli art said...

Are you back in work now? I hope it is going well!

Mamma said...

Hey! Yes Im Back! Work is going great...Thanks

Tara Rout and said...

Well, let's see some pictures of that basement!