Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Changes - July 3rd

Well, not too many changes, but there have been a few...since last week we have met our student from Venezuela. Her name is Jenny. The first hour was awkward though, because I didnt bring ID to the airport, and I needed it to sign papers for them to 'release' her to me. So we had to hang out in the airport for an hour while mark drove home to get my purse...ouch.

oh well, lesson learned. We took the train downtown yesterday to show her the school. She tried bubble tea for the first time... maybe I can get her to try a few other new things...maybe.

Also, today is Marcel's first day at his new Day Home. He seems to be doing well there. He really likes all the animals. She has cats and fish and rabbits. And a huge sandbox, and today they are going to the pet store to visit the animals. I know hes going to love it...YAY! What a relief for him to have a good place to go. Heres a pick from the website...
And another change is the colour of our basement. Thanks to Donna, Bob, Michelle, Cam, and my dad for helping out, our basement is finally no longer painted dark red. now its hot yellow. And Hot is the only way to describe it. Im not sure about the colours, they are unique. Actually two are normal and the third bright yellow is questionable. but I like the visual dissonance and the intensity of it, I think once we ge the room set up, and of course, the teal throw pillows, its gonna look amazing. And who can complain about a little warmth in the basement? I'll post pictures when things are presentable.
So, we've been holding up the fort, and it feels like we've been really working our butts off. Im craving reading a really good book..any suggestions? something meaty, moving, socially astute, classic, powerful, engaging and soul awakening, and something I can read between drooping eyelids at night..,(tall order - I know!)...maybe some atwood, rushdie, or fitzgerald (... any suggestions are welcome!)
The cat is still yet to be shaved.

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