Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dacha plans - water

Hey ya'll.

So here are some drawings I did (touched up in photoshop for good effect...) I wanted to post them to show the concept of water use. I still have a couple more I'll get to tomorrow, but these show the CONCEPT of a plan - you have to remember this place exists only in my little head and so these are just to show ideas - like how thigs relate, scale of buildings in context, how you move around the place etc. The section and site plan show ideas about the use of water, and its conservation.
These are not very new ideas, but the concept is that no matter how dry the season is, the place will be lush with gardens, will produce food, will be a refreshing place to relax and swim and the sound of the creek will be constantly in the back ground. The whole place really has only one amenity, and thats water.


Tara Rout and said...

So, how is the water heated in the winter?

Mamma said...

Great question ...well, firstly the dacha is a summer house, so it wont be very hospitible in winter...(may change that...but for now thats what it is) second, the solar heating is only meant to suppliment your personal heating. If you want to go hard'd use a stove (the same you use for sooking - probably a pellet stove or something eco friendly) and a tank, that you could hand pump through your system into shower etc. Sort of low tech, but with no electricity...or connection to a gas main, thats what you are stuck with...probably youd just have a bath in a tub you filled with a pot over the stove - remember the good old days?