Thursday, July 26, 2007

phew! baby is back!

So, as you can tell its been quite a week. I didnt realize how nervous I was about the whole baby overnight thing. But now that its all over, and we all survived I feel like Im floating on air! And Marcel is truly starting to night wean, he slept 9 hours straight last night, and the second half with his dad, so thats 2 whole nights in my own bed, sans-kid. I feel great! (sleep is so amazing...)

So, other topics of interest...this Saturday is Jenny's last day with us, and the next one doesnt come for a week, so thats 1 week to spend with mark and marcel, and maybe clean the fridge, do some more basement organizing, and well, any other stuff that needs to be done.

Saturday I go to Sylvan Lake Bahai center for a meeting to discuss the future design, Sunday is Jacob's birthday party, and I am excited about that because I am making him something special...(no secrets revealed yet) all these crafting blogs have inspired me.

Im gonna do some more comic drawing soon, all my writing and stuff is on Jenny's computer and my excuse is that I cant get to it - so after saturday I have no excuse.

And another thing. Im not sure how it has happened, maybe having a student live with us, but our house has been amazingly clean. it got out of control again this week, but last night, I fixed it all up again, and it makes me feel so good! (as I am writing this I just realized I didnt make dinner for tonight...oh well win some and loose some, atleast the dishes are done!)


Mark Hebert said...

So tired ;(

Erika Hastings said...

It's so amazing when you start to get more solid chunks of sleep. For me I suddenly had energy to do all sorts of fun, creative things that I couldn't take on before that. Good luck with the night weaning. I think I had emailed you about what we did before, but I"m sure you'll figure out a good strategy that works for you.