Wednesday, August 08, 2007


we ate the tomatoes from the garden last night!!!!
Clarissa wasnt that impressed. I guess they eat such things quite regularly in Mexico. But I was! This is my first garden, the first time I have, by myself, grown a garden and harvested the fruit! In theory I am a die hard advocate for urban agriculture, but in practice...maybe a little inexperienced. I am reading about permaculture but that is one of those areas that the more you know the more you realise you dont know. I can get the overall philosophy, but try and have me remember which plant likes chicken poop, or when to water the currents, I have no idea. I just love the idea of eating what we grow, and understanding the work and love that it takes to feed ourselves.
Anyways, my flowers are also doing amazing. They are really beautiful. I just sprinkled a pack of wild flower seeds on the dirt. I doubted they would even grow, but it has turned into an ever-changing, whimsical purple and white flowering meadow...(well, at 3'x1' its a mini-meadow...but the bees love it!) -I love it. Anyways, maybe I'll put more food in next year, but we are still very tickled about the tomatoes! (Dacha village mamma here I come!)

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