Wednesday, August 01, 2007

kid craft - penny fund box

I have been looking for crafts I can do with a toddler of 19 months...Its not easy.

But playing with play dough inspired this little craft.

We kneaded the clay (DAS modeling clay), then rolled it with a kitchen roller, and cut out gingerbread men. Then I used up all those jars for baby food hanging around the house (Marcel loves the carrots....). I removed the labels, and just stuck the little ginger bread guys on.

Marcel enjoyed rolling, and using the cookie cutter. He also liked using a jar to press into the men to give one of them a lovely texture. (see pic) The clay is air hardening, and because of the shape of the little guys on the jar I didnt need to glue them on or anything. I am sure they are delicate, so if you want to make them more permanent you would have to varnish them...and a little paint could work well too! ( I kind of like the terracotta look myself...)

He is past the put-everything-in-his-mouth stage, but he still tried to eat the clay. After showing him what it was for, he didnt try again.

These jars are meant as gifts. The idea is that kids and parents can put their pennies in their for their favorite charity. We call ours our penny fund box.

This simple craft would be great for a children's class, and to sell or give them away for donation as a fund raiser...maybe we'll just do that!

(I want to point out that I didnt research the toxicity of DAS modeling clay, I found some that says its non-toxic, but Im not sure I trust that, it has a strong odor. I am sure its not good to eat...its a polymer clay, according wikipedia...other than that I dont know, its up to you if you use it with your kids...)

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Erika Hastings said...

What a great activity! Very creative and looks like something that was both fun to make and also very practical and functional to use afterwards. Look foward to seeing more of your creative activities!