Tuesday, August 07, 2007

update august 07

August 7! Time flies!

No pics. Sorry, I'll post some later. This update is long also. Sorry. But grandmothers need to be kept informed!

This weekend was very busy. IT seems like two weeks - not 4 days! Friday I visited Coby and her family with Marcel. We had fun with the water table, and we went for a big walk and ate blueberries!
The biggest thing for me this day was that I finally got to see a homeopath. There is a clinic near Coby's and she just sent me there. They take short notice walk-ins! Amazing! (Since its been months that I have been trying to get an appointment with another two homeopaths!) Anyways, by this point I was in a lot of pain.

I probably shouldn’t write about this online for the world to see, but people should know about the realities of motherhood I guess...so, I’ve had thrush from nursing for 19 months. It has been getting progressively worse, despite all the meds, Candida diet, creams green tea, herbs, gentian violet, and anything else I can try.

So, by this point it was horrible, I felt sick, I was engorged, I couldn’t nurse at all on one side, the other side was torture. I could sit, lie down, or walk comfortably from the pain. The Dr.(homeopath) was great. She gave me an intensive program for 9 days, (for a short term solution) and I have to go back for a longer term cure. By the next day I could nurse on both sides, and by that evening I had no pain. The swelling, and all symptoms are now gone. I feel amazing. I am totally sold. If anyone out there is having problems, Id say try a homeopath. The results were fast and totally incredible. I feel like I am walking on air, its so great to be pain free!

Anyways, that was that. We had a good friend over all weekend, She brought joy to our house and I got lots of girl time. We made cute bags (I'll post them soon)

Sunday we picked up our new student - Clarissa from Mexico. We are excited to get to know her. She met Mark's mom and Bob when they stopped by for a visit. Oh, and also on Saturday, my uncle and aunt and their son came to visit. Craig nearly killed himself on the yoga swing, but Andrew had a great time with Marcel in the sandbox!

Monday we gave Clarissa a tour and did the groceries...(wow, such an interesting blog I have!)

Today, back at work. Marcel is growing up. For the first time this weekend he started pushing boundaries and acting a little aggressive. I know this is normal behavior for a kid as they get closer to age 2. But I am not used to it, and its been challenging. I’m doing my best to figure out the best strategy to handle this phase.

Hope you are all well. This blog may be slightly neglected this week as work is very busy, and so is life! But hopefully Cam A. can help me get some boards together for my comic...Yay! (and totally stoked about Ruhi book 4!)

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Juliet said...

Glad the homeopath worked! I love alternative everything!