Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I'm getting a new computer!!!. OK after my post declaring to the world the obscene amount of computerage we have in our home you are probably thinking "Oh, yeah, good for you...ms. superficially spoilt..." and well, yeah, I am . I guess. ..But, but, but ...we're selling one, and giving one to the Korean student...and we've decided that laptops are much more compatible with our life style. So thats enough of a reason right?

Another simple reason is that the hubby NEEDS me to convert to the religion of Mac. And, before you say something like "my God, she is willing to give up a life long commitment to IBM? How can she? Doesn’t she know that apple is 'other side'?..." I want you to know that I agreed for the good of our marriage - and to avoid arguments over how we should raise the kids....(much to the disappointment of my father, but he'll get over it...once he sees what amazing graphics my new little machine can whip up!)

So, there you have it. Its in the mail, and once it arrives I will have miles and miles of blogging pleasure for your hungry eyes to witness.

Oh, and I've updated the blog role. I actually am addicted to more than I was admitting and I think it was time to fess up. I read that the virtue of "friendliness" (in my "family virtues guide")requires you to be open and honest, and so far, I realize, I haven't been. But now I am. So be my friend????

Um, this post needs a picture....

I’ve been reading about new urbanism

I'm not so sure what I think about it all. I’ve been looking up DPZ - the guys that started it all, after reading an article in Azure magazine. (September 2006 pg 44. FYI)

In it they interviewed Andres Duany the big guy of new urbanism. They ask: "Do you think Architects are out of touch with the people?"
His answer? - "Completely, They can't design a house for their own mothers."

(Touché)...I have to say, this is not always the case but too often, is, sadly, true.

Also, for Manna...the link to Moonstiches quilt festival pics on flickr.

(Oh, and the above pic is from DPZ' seaside project in Florida...) ...not that I'm saying this is a great project, but this pic looks inviting...

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Cam and Michelle said...

I'm reading a book right now where they talk about New Urbanism ... it's called "Geography of Hope: A Tour of the World We Need" by Chris Turner (a Calgarian.) You would probably like it :)