Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jamie Oliver - an obsession?

OK. I'll admit it. We have been really getting into the Jamie Oliver thing over here. (Tempered with some Gordon Ramsay for balance...)

I got his book a while ago - "Jamie at home" (mentioned many times on this blog before) and now Mark has given me all the shows in season 1 and 2 to watch. We are loving it.

I love the way he shows you how to grow your food, and then how to cook it. I just ooogle over the garden images, daydreaming of bushy lush gardens, stone out-buildings, outdoor kitchens, brick ovens and gum-boots. The food is pretty appetizing aswell. We've made many of the recipes in his book, and are still going. I feel that, honestly our lifestyle has improved, due to the care and attention to what we eat, and how we prepare it.

Last night we made a roast ham, that was amazing - and we were laughing as we couldnt just eat it, we had to arrange it, with the veggies on a plate, with the herbs, and drizzle of oil to make it a perfect feast for eyes and tummy. (we would've taken photos 'cept we were famished!)

Anyways, Im thinking this is the garden I am dreaming about for the suburban idea I have. I feel, well, Mr. Oliver is like, a millionaire and he can afford a garden like that, and Im OK with that. But the rest of us should be able to have access aswell! Plus, it sort of seems crazy to have a garden like that for one makes sense to share...I mean - It would be completely out of proportion to own
my own brick oven and a greenhouse in a little back yard - what a waste! - but why shouldnt I have access to one in my community?

So, with that in mind I am back to the drawing board...literally. Im also learning a lot about Calgary's new Bylaw. This is a great step in the direction to support ideas like the one I'm proposing!


Anonymous said...

angie, come to toronto, buy the other side of our semi-detached and we will open the fence and grow and eat and watch our kids grow, but we won't eat our kids.


Lindsay said...

What is the new by-law you're learning about?

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon

Thanks for sharing, I have digged this post