Tuesday, June 03, 2008


OK, so I have to sweep the desk clean this week, so I can focus on Methods and Materials. (Aluminum is terrible for galvanic action, but great in other forms of corrosion...didnt you know?)

I realize I have a problem with multi-tasking. I can focus. I really can. I just dont want to! Every moment, I have a new interest...and that keeps things interesting... no? I uphold this as a new way of being, that is worth fighting for - along with women's rights, breastfeeding in public, right brain thinking, artistic responses to logical questions, urban chickens... and well so on. So thats why this blog is like this. 'nuff said?

So once I come back, I would like to make a few posts on a few random, but incredibly linked topics...such as:

a re-write of my chicken letter (again? - I know...)
more suburban talk, and a powerpoint!
pics of a our newly planted garden - all edible!
more comics (yes, Ive drawn them, just hant uploaded yet...eeek!)
my wonderful discoveries in personal care products, that are found in my kitchen...
thoughts on this pregnancy (while Im still in it!)
thoughts on fish...
And of course much, much more.

(you may even get a couple facts on radial vs. tangential lumber shrinkage...or bituminous membranes...but I'll try to hold back!)

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