Monday, July 21, 2008

Pregnancy: Natural Remedies for Icky Symptoms

So, I'm nearly done this pregnancy, and it has been significantly better than the first one. This could be for many reasons, and I do know that some people just simply have different experiences depending on the baby. There are somethings that are out my control like the position of the baby being lower this time, and that certainly helps with the heartburn...but I do think I have learned a few things and here I sill share how I have made this pregnancy so much easier.

well, if you've read my blog you know that I am an avid supporter of homeopathy. It is truly amazing how the right remedy can help. My practitioner is also able to prescribe me some non-medicinal solutions to problems, that have been very gentle. I have found the other benefit with homeopathy is my ability to know my own body. With the program I am on, I take medicines for any even mild symptom, and take note of any changes in my body. If I wake up with a mild headache, if I am woozy, if I am craving a certain food, or if I am clammy, I write it down as these are useful to my doctor and she uses them to prescribe the right medicine. It also helps me be aware and often I can cure myself before even going to her.

Lemon water with mineral salts - for swollen legs
The one thing I have learned is the direct effect of dehydration. If I get swollen feet or water retention in my legs it is a sure sign that my body isn't getting enough water. This leads to other problems right away. I get constipated, and this leads to the hundreds of other awful parts about being pregnant - like heartburn, cramps, back name it. So, keeping myself hydrated is really critical. Lemon water is a natural medicine. It cleans your body. It also is a mild laxative. I also learned that the body has a hard time absorbing water if the sodium balance isn't just right. You can put a couple pieces of mineral salt - something I got at the health food store, (it has other nice minerals as well) to help the body absorb the water. Paramedics do this if a person is dehydrated. I do this every day, but If my legs are swollen I need to drink many cups of this water - like every 15 minutes, till I notice my legs go down. Sometimes its gone by the next day, but there has been a couple times that its taken two days. But the overall effect is very good.

Breakfast of - porridge, flax and molasses
Well, like I said, keeping regular is important. Also the Omega 3's in flax are so great. I notice an overall change in my health if I miss this breakfast even one day. The molasses make it taste great (just a spoon full) but they also are high in iron, and many ladies are low in iron during pregnancy. If you do this throughout, you should be fine, and not have to take iron supplements which have side effects - like constipation and other yucky things.

OK, well I will admit this one has been getting me down recently. 8 months pregnant and its hard to avoid. But it is much better than the first time. I take Carbo-Veg when it gets bad from my homeopath. Also, if I do Xi-Gong in the morning, or simple exercises, this makes my evenings better. Swinging arms in opposite directions opens up the chest and lets gas out. Carefully twisting and moving can help too. Apples help me with heartburn, I eat one every day this pregnancy - also to help with regularity. (notice a theme?) I also notice a huge difference if I didn't get enough sleep one night or didn't eat well. The pregnant body is just soo responsive!
My overall theory is to get the gas out early - both in the pregnancy and in the day, to avoid those awful nights. Ive read sometimes that you should not drink a lot of water if you have heartburn, I disagree. Water early in the day will hydrate your body and cause gas to come out before it builds up. Its not a good remedy if you are already suffering, but if you have some relief, just drink lots of water in the morning. OK, thats all I got. If you have any other remedies that work...let me know!

Well, I have been lucky to not get very nauseous in the last part of pregnancy. Actually, the thing that helped was truly my homeopathy. I took Colubrina and Ipeca and others that my homeopath prescribed. This helped an unbelievable amount! lemon water, eating lightly, eating whatever I was craving, sleeping lots and avoiding stress also made a difference. I feel awful for ladies who are throwing up all pregnancy. With my first I took Diclectin the entire time, to help with extreme nausea and diarrhea. It was gross, but I believe thanks to these remedies I haven't had to take any drugs.

So with that I wish you all a happy, healthy and wonderful pregnancy!
(The pics, sort of match, just thought I'd liven up all that text with some nice photos!)

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