Thursday, September 25, 2008

Now I'm boasting...

Its taken me a long time to get this piece of paper in the mail. I feel like I have been working since grade 10 for this piece of paper! Its been like 8 years of university, and then years of studying and working to pass these exams. I still have a year of hours to complete, to be a registered architect, but the fact is NCARBS have been completed. 9 exams...and now I am boasting. I just really want to shout out the world I DID IT!!!! and then sigh a huge breath of relief, I never want to do that again. I think it has taken a few years from my life, and given me a few gray hairs!

Anyways, I also was thinking about what this means. Hopefully it will mean that I will have the tools to make wonderful things happen in this world, and that I will be useful to people who have great visions... and who need people like me to make their ideas a reality. Some time, and some place I hope I will be able to help make something lovely come into being, and maybe passing the NCARBs will be just the ticket I need to make that happen. Just maybe...

Anyways, now you are all hugely impressed, I hope you are inspired to reach your goals too! It sure feels good to look at this piece of paper!


Cameron D. said...


That is such good news.

In other news: I've actually got involved in something right up your alley recently ... I attended a consultation meeting for the City of Calgary's Public Art Master Plan. There was lots of discussion about how there is a need to reach out to suburbs and communities in the city and plan projects that brings them together, create a sense of community and enrich that community through public art (or other) projects ... anywise alot of the talk sounded like stuff you've blogged on.

See you later,

Cam D.

Erika Hastings said...

Yay! Congratulations!