Monday, October 13, 2008

Camping - already?

We have actually been to the camping store this morning to start outfitting ourselves for next year. We have not actually camped much (at all) as a family, but I love it, and did a lot of it before getting married. Tree planting, and living on the west coast and in the Yukon were a good prep. Anyways, I'm stoked about getting gear and spending too much money (hmmm did I say that?). We have a year to plan it and get set so we can dwell on the sexy details - like which plate-set to get, and which head lamp really is most comfortable.

After spending my youth being a wannabe hard core bush woman, its hard for me to realize the two-room tent and cots may be the best way to go. I mean we are planning to go for at least a couple months, and, well, I have to fess up that I value my sleep more than I did at 19 years old. Hard to believe, but true. We are also restricted by space. We have to fit it all in (or on) our Matrix. Thats going to be the toughest part. (But also the best - because I just cant bear to think of us being "those" people, who just bring more to the camp site than the have at home. I do like to rough it...a little.) We are looking at the 6 person tent from MEC right now...Oh, and I found this recipe book. (did I show you already?) Im pretty excited about it...Im sure I'll have plenty to blog about camping until then. Any advice is more than welcome!

This painting is using those complimentary washes I talked about. I like the saturated quality. I look at those watercolor books and its all about "saving the whites" and having really loose washy, typically water colour looking paintings. Thats fine, but I think the whole water color "look" can become a little tired and almost gimicky. Not that photo realism is what I am after either...but...I like water colours that can be both wet and also rich and vibrant and saturated...well I hope in my work you'll start to see what I mean...


Erika Hastings said...

We used a soft, waterproof roof carrier thing this summer each time we went camping and without it there's no way all the gear would have fit in our car. Definitely worth looking in to! (It folds down really small when you're not using it too! Bonus!)

Cameron D. said...

Where are you going to camp?