Thursday, December 04, 2008


I found looking through my old art books is a fun activity to do with my son. Actually its probably more fun for me, but it allows me those few minutes each day of relief.

Let me explain: my son has started repeating, endlessly, the phrase "play with me mommy". Sometimes I think he says it out of habit because it will come out of his mouth, even while we are actually playing. Now you many think that I should get him out to play with kids more or that this is caused by him not having enough peers. But the truth is we go out daily, and upon our return home, within seconds he starts his little song "play with with with me..." It is sorta driving me crazy, Because "playing" is fun and all, but I may loose my mind after hours of the "hello" game. (a game he invented where two vehicle converse, starting with the simple greeting "hello"). - OK I know its good for his development of conversational skills... but please!

So, I think having a simple discussion about Art is a healthy break. "Look M, there is a horse in this painting, how fascinating, look at the colours." "yes, mommy, I like the red one"...It lasts, oh a mere few minutes, but the bliss, I tell you. He knows how to please me by making these thoughtful comments, like the one sweet.

Anyways, I was looking through the art book I received as an award for grade 12 art. Yes I received the grade 12 art award. This was cool. In it I found some emails that I received from my grade 12 art teacher while I was living in the Yukon...about a month before she very suddenly and unexpectedly passed away.

So, I spent the morning in tears reading those emails, thinking of how encouraging she was of me, and how ambitious and naive I was back then, and wishing soooo hard that I could just talk to her again, ask her advice, and get a critique. She was such a mentor for me. I forgot how kind she was, and how caring she was of me. I hope that wherever she now is she is filling me with inspiration and is guiding my hand in the work I do.

Thanks Anna-Marie, these ones are for you.

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Erika Hastings said...

I had that exact same issue when Diego was born. Isabela wanted me to play with her alllllll the time. Amazingly now that Fiona is here, Isabela and Diego play together by themselves most of the time and kind of leave me alone for chunks of time, especially when I'm lying down feeding Fiona, which is blissful!