Monday, December 15, 2008

RSS feeds, google reader and stuff


Its -30 degrees Celsius! Its COLD! so much snow, but lovely blue skies. I love the comments on my blog. I especially love it when people I dont know comment. Its such an amazing way to reach out and connect.

We had a lovely weekend with a friend from out of town, here for my dad's birthday. Visiting with her reminded me of the person I was before I became a wife and a mom, and my dreams and goals that are sometimes left behind in the wake of family life. Its always good to have these periodic reminders!

So, I wanted to write a post for family and friends who may not know how to read blogs or keep track of them. Sorry if this doesnt do credit to your technical skill, I just thought I would share this info as it helps me to have a geek husband who shares such things with me.

OK, so If you want to read blogs, especially ones that dont have some sort of subscription option on the blog itself, you can set up a google reader. Just set up an account like you would an email account - or if you have a google account you can use that. Now click the "add subscription" box and you can enter a url or search name and add blogs that you like to read. This way you can keep them all in one place, you dont need to go your email account. Also it will show a number beside the name of the blog which indicates how many posts you have yet to read. Its that simple really. To find blogs you can search for different subjects, but I usually find them by starting with ones I read and trying out the blogs they read. Ive found lots of really great blogs that way.

So, I better get to cleaning my kitchen and finding food for dinner - with this kind of weather you have to make do with what you got...Im not venturing out again today! (We've already hit the parent link and library!)


Bruce Rout said...

Um, what's google?

Anonymous said...

I just started using this last week too!

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