Saturday, February 14, 2009

another february day

sorry if you are sick of this topic by now, but I have just experienced a break-through, and so I'm going to sap it for all its worth.

I'm starting to enjoy winter.

Did I just say that? For all my complaining I have to admit that I didnt really know how to do this whole February thing. And this time around its going amazingly well.

For one, the man is around more, which makes a HUGE difference. I dont know if I would be so interested in bundling up and trudging around in the snow if it was just me. For two, we did invest quite a bit into outdoor gear, which will be used in the summer and I realize that the right gear sure helps. especially when its cold. especially when you have kids.

So, we could take out shares at MEC. I cant endorse this store enough. It is a little consumer heaven in a mall happy world. Atleast at MEC you buy stuff to get you out and about, and forget about buying stuff! The other night we went there to check out hiking boots and we got info about where to try out snow shoes, and Marcel got a turn on the climbing wall!

We tried out the boots, and warm clothes this morning. When we woke up to a cold morning we (wisely) decided to stick close to home. We have to figure out how to keep the big kid happy while we are out...hanging out at the play ground did that trick!

Though it was close to -20 degrees with wind chill, it felt great to get out. Somehow at that temperature even your own backyard is an adventure!

(And, Emery was so toasty he slept the whole time in the back good!)

So, we got to spend the rest of the day, in our long underwear,

swinging in the yoga swing, making hearty cookies and housecleaning by a cozy fire.

February? Im diggin ya'.

(Oh, and I downloaded this album by Andrew Bird. I'm diggin' that too.)


tired of smiling said...

Oh, Angie! you look so COLD (and brave)! I tried to emial you and it didn't work, wanted to invite you over for ayyam-i-ha festivities (another great thing about february).

Anonymous said...

Chris always says, "It's not about the weather, it's about the gear." True. But I still enjoy the Mexican winter better than ours. I love how you're learning to adapt so well in your climate.

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