Friday, February 13, 2009

Hiking in Calgary with Kids

This painting is about growing grains and baking bread. It would seem the art of growing grains in a small scale for organic bread has been lost. I was reading about this in a previous post. I would love to get my own mill to mill my own grains. There are many health advantages to doing that as well. Maybe when I get a little more sleep!

So. We have yet to be out again in any significant way. But we have been more inspired to walk and be outdoors. We walked across the River in Okotoks for a cuppa hot chocolate at what my mom calls "the hippie store". That was just beautiful.

Then, yesterday, we planned a walk at Edworthy park.

That was actually quite comical and a good lesson learned. After spending a morning cleaning, and napping (Emery still is having a rough time at night) we didn't get to the parking lot till 4:30. And that's when the weather changed. IT got cold snowy and dark. Hmmm. We also drove across the city for said walk, causing Marcel to fall asleep in the car, which meant he would be up late. erg. But we bundled and trudged across the bridge. Emery was happy though. We got him a fleecy snow suit at the thrift store, and invested in an 18 mnth rain shell from MEC. He was toasty in that! Marcel cried most of the way, having just woke up, and thrown into a cold dark evening...we wernt so popular!

So, after a few minutes we trashed the idea we had to cook our dinner on the little stove at the park, and headed over to the "Lazy Loaf and Kettle". What a great place! We warmed up with soup and enormous sandwiches and home we headed; over-stuffed, wide awake and rosy cheeked. (and well, not so fit as we never really even walked more than 100 meters!)

I think we'll head out early tomorrow. Snowshoes or not!

Life is good.

Oh, and we recorded this little song. Marcel's first singing debut. (for those of you who know the song, I know I got the verses messed up - just assume I did that to add variety!)


Kirstin said...

Mmm the Lazy Loaf...I totally want to go there now. :)

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