Tuesday, March 03, 2009

a bunch of stuff...

does anyone else out there have a problem with getting flour in their paint??? One would think I would move the paint... or the flour, but they are in just the right place - relative to their uses... just not relative to each other...

the virtue sun, a clock that we can determine our own time with, and the alphabet string...

a pink painting brightening up my kitchen right now. by Marcel.

The new Ayyam-i-ha traditions are all experimental right now. I have a son who LOVES chocolate, so to make the holy day special, I made chocolate cake. Then we made cookies and took them to neighbours and family with little cards we made from pictures of the kids and ripped up paintings of mine. Yup, that's where paintings I don't like end up.... I stamped "happy ayyam-i-ha" on them with my new text stamp set. That's so fun.

We painted a banner, on a piece of canvas with the kids tempra paint. That worked out well. We had a potluck party and had gifts for the kid every morning. (a pair of binoculars, a compass and a headlamp - all well received and useful for camping trips!)

And we made presents for a few friends. They are there in the photo - they are little boxes made out of cereal boxes. I used watercolour tape to hold them together, and stamped the kids names on top. We put little things in like water balloons, bouncy balls and key chains. The kids loved them...especially the boxes with their names on.

yeah, so, that's why we have been busy... I am not sure which traditions will last to next year, but it will be lovely to see what is remembered and cherished.

It was so warm out today, the whole world became a crumbling, rushing, dripping river.

This music video
is cool, for at least 2 reasons:

A: because it is for the CBC
B: because she is playing a tenor recorder in it. I LOVE tenor recorder. I was trying to start a recorder group a while back, with very little success. I was really quite surprised you all are not out there just waiting to join a recorder group.

I mean...I am.

I visited my friend who is an artist living in northern Ontario. He is a Bahai and a mentor. He gave a good critique of my work - lots to think about. He has some amazing work, check out his website. He was asking if there is a website, or online space for Bahai visual artists... I dont know of one...but perhaps I am not in the loop.

Thats it for now...I think.


Kirsten said...

Umm...ya..I was meaning to join tenor recorder club- but I lost my ability to...blow on things, terrible tragety. That chocolat cake on the other hand- I could join the chocolat cake club anytime!

Hey, I'd join the recorder club if we made a rockin' band and used the recorder as a draw. We could call the band re/cord/air or somethin'. I'll phone the FFWD about it!

Love your Ayyam-i-Ha crafts. The little boxes are perfect! Looks like you got the Ayyam-i-Ha traditions off to a good start. Your boys are the cutest boys ever, and I'm not being biased. It's totally true.

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