Friday, April 10, 2009

too much

hi all,

the pic is of some bits and bobs we made (jewelry really) out of home made air dry clay. check this recipe....

well things have been crazy. I have not been feeling so well. Sorry about the big blog break. Unannounced absences are always inexcusable.



back to business.

I have been having so much fun at my class at momentum. Its such a good course, excellent instruction, really cool people. Its all I could ask for...specially when I have to give up two hours with my babies...

So, I have learned that I need to get a domain name if I want to start a business on the web. The problem is I am not so happy with the name "mammacomic". I started that name back when I was actually doing comics, and even then it was more of a placeholder...and now I want a huge mega-website that includes everything that I love, and hey "mammacomic" isn't hitting it here are some names I am thinking of. This name is really an overarching name, that then I can branch out from - when I start all my sub companies, and take over the world...

my favorite - Purple House Studios
arty and ambiguous - Burnt Umber
and some more:

little house studios
mamma's paint

anyone have any other ideas????

and then I need to think of names that are not already used. "purple house studios" is not yet a domain name, so I could snag it now...

Anyways, I am going to go have some fun at iweb, and see if I can design a funky page and get it up on the nets some time soon. I'll keep ya posted.

Oh, I met Stacy over at one tiny suitcase, who has started her own business and website and is really doing a great service here in Calgary...

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Bruce Rout said...

Hmmmm, RASL Rout And Son Limited. RADL Rout and Daughter Limited? Nah.