Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Hi, so I started his blog to post the comics I have been working on. So I only just started doing comics. I have done four now. not books - just pages! I never even read comics until recently.My DH (dear husband) reads them a lot, and collects them. I would rather that then other things such as warcraft, so I encourage it. So, since having my baby, I cant read anything thats too engaging. I am a sort of big time reader. I like deep thick books with lots of imagery and characters - like tolstoy etc. But since having DS (dear son) I cant even read an article in a magazine...too many words not enough pictures! So I started reading comics - in the bathroom mostly. I read Y the last man last year and the astonishing Xmen by Joss Wheaden. And Im reading Watchmen (still alot of words!) Anyways, DH wanted to go to a comic book store opening Bar-b-q. I wanted to get out of this house, so I went. There were some local artists there - from a group that calls themselves vicious ambicious. I bought their comic cus Ive been an artist trying to sell my wares before and I want to support them. I enjoyed their comic and it totally inspired me to draw my own. So I have to thank those guys for sure. Oh yeah, and you must know that I type with one hand most of the time, with a baby in my arm so there is no criticizing me for typos. The spelling is just simply my own ignorance. Anyways, theres my back story for those who care.

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Bruce said...

Totally awesome monsters. Great fight scenes. Cool idea.