Saturday, August 05, 2006

Comic Five

OK, new one. So this one has a lot more text. which is cool. I am still trying to figure out this character and what her passions are. I think...OK so if I am a superhero, what sort of things would I like to do? beat people up? rescue babies? help victims of injustice and war? be a good mom? all of the above? From the little bit I have read of comics it seems as though the hero questioning him/herself about their purpose is almost cliche. Its like one has to decide whether the hero will actually deal with the reality of the world we live in, or fight fantastical super villans. If the hero fights the real world issues, what are they to do? you can just punch ignorance, or prejudice...even if you can fly. Big questions....but isnt that what art and writing is for?Anyways, I like the way this is going, although I know its a little esoteric with the text. I kinda like that... but its not for everyone. we will have to see where this goes... Posted by Picasa

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