Saturday, September 09, 2006

comic six first 3

OK, here it is my first ever more than one page comic. Actually its five more than one page...and that is big news! it was written by my awesome hubby Mark. Big learning experience. Now I know why comic book artists are the best drawers in the one else in their right mind would do this much work!
Anyways, enjoy, please comment and let me know you read it...its the least you could do seeing as this was drawn and written whilst caring for my own little one, who poops a lot, but is very patient with me.

PS, I cant figure out why all the pages are different sizes, they were the same in illustrator...oh well, I'll fix that later...



Brian said...

Hey Congrats on getting some pages done!

When I post art on message boards I first post them up in photobucket. It will then allow you to generate some thumbnails that can be posted on the message board, and then people have just to click on them to see the full size. Photobucket is free as well, which is good ;)

If your interested come check out the forum You can post some of your art :)


Mamma said...

Hey Thanks Brian for the comment and advice. I have a photo bucket account, I guess nows the time to use it! I just signed up for the 24 hour challenge today. I have no idea what I am getting into...! Ta, A