Friday, October 06, 2006

Why is the next one taking soooo long?

OK, I am sorry the next one has taken so long. I hope I dont loose any one out there. I have been working on a two pager for a month now...not straight, but when ever I can. I have been reading a alot of Kabuki - David Mack, he is an amazing artist and I am inspired to push what I can to, so it just takes longer! Hopefully though the product is better that way. I also have been preparing for a 24 hour comic challenge whcih will be held this weekend. I have completed a 4 page practice work, that I did in 2 hours, to get a sense of timing. Its not amazing, but I may just post a page of it, so you get an idea of the project. The 24 hour comic challenge will be interesting, and I look forward to it, although I am also nervouse. Anyways, This is just to let you know I am working hard and the next comics will be posted...soon!

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