Thursday, June 21, 2007


So my brother introduced me to LAST.FM. Its this website that you put in your favorite musician and it plays you a radio station based on that artisit's style, and you tag and mark the ones you like and it continues to refine your station. Its really great for finding new musicians and listning to music you havent heard before...I got it because my uncle gave me an itunes gift certificate, and since I havent listened to music on my nano, I had no idea what to get...this has been great, so Im going to list artists I discover here... (Oh yeah, in case you are wondering I have been listening to Baha'i podcasts, and birds of geek - a comic book podcast

Heres my current list:

Natalie Merchant (well, I already love her, but I didnt know she has a new album)

Yusef Islam (Cat Steven's in Muslim mode - Im not Muslim, but this mulitcultural music on the track I heard is really beautiful, and what can be wrong with praising Allah? One God, many names is my belief...)

Lewis Taylor

Tea (a finnish female vocalist, really fun)

Paula Koivuniemi (Finnish femal vocalist - reminds me of Anna Pukachova from when I was in Russia)

Cordless (male alternative band)

Martha (and of course Rufus) Wainwright (OK, I know I should have picked them up earlier, but I am a little behind!)

Cat Power

KT Turnstall

Heather Nova

The Dresden DOlls

Rachel Yamagata

Jeff Buckley

OK, so theres my current list of people I want to hear more of...I'll keep it updated...let me know if theres any you like, and hopefully I'll see you on (its good, if you join up, cus then you can reccommend me music too!)


Erika Hastings said...

Nice list. I'm the same, I hardly get a chance to listen to music. Or actually, what I realized is that I enjoy listening to silence since most of my day is filled with loud talking, screaming, crying, nagging, whining. Ok, not all the time. But somedays it feels like that. I'm going to check out that radio stations, sounds neat.

Mark Hebert said...

hmm I will tune in