Thursday, June 21, 2007

This weekend

OK, so what are blogs for? for all us narcisists of the world to imagine someone out there cares what we are going to do for the weekend...

Well, unrealistic as it may be I do dare to dream...

Anyways, I have a scattered mind. Believe it or not. I have too many interests. I think one of my greatest downfalls is that I am an incessant joiner. I join anything that comes along, Im ready to be at any rehearsal, artists jam, any new trend or passing craze, count me in...its a true problem...Anyways, I due to this I have many hobbies and sometimes I forget to do what I really want. This leads me to writing many many lists about what I want to do when I have a chance...and hopefully I'll get through it...

So I have been reading many awesome blogs by other mammas who do wonderful things with their kids. I have been struggling with just the basics - like sleeping and eating, but I think its time to try some fun stuff, and bring my babe along, even if it is kinda I am going to make a list of fun things to do on my two days I have with him. Since we're starting to wean I have ot keep him busy anyways... so here it is:

Make a scrap book:
scrap book
pens and crayons

stick magazine pictures tot he wall when they are wet

make more cookies (I found a good sugar-free recipe - yay!)

wear marcel in my wrap more

find a creek to go exploring in... (darn it, there has to be one nearby - anyone know of one I gotta move!)

collect interesting things from the yard in various jars and put them on the window sill

fix up the worm house (for composting)

tear off the wall paper in the kitchen (Ok so this is my job, but it could be fun for a toddler too!)

clean the bathroom (thanks to juliette I think this can be fun for toddlers - with a little baking soda!)

visit our friends nearby - Erin and Nancy be prepared!

Umm, Ill think of more later! Oh yeah, and I just remembered we are going to grandma's in bassano for the weekend...looks like we'll be doing lots of gardening and bike riding - yay!
Oh yeah, and were getting a new camera! (inspired by very talented friends!)

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