Thursday, July 19, 2007

The blog ladies

well, I vowed to post every day that I am at work...for those very important subscribers...I have my readership to care for right? Anyways...

I have been blogging a lot. There are a lot of awesome people out there - and there is a community of women on here that are so amazingly creative and talented, that manage to do their stuff while caring for children, helping the world, balancing bank accounts, building relationships and all that jazz. I'm beginning to think that the crafting movement is whats driving this...(then I think how odd my craft is...not sewing a quilt...but designing a utopian village's water supply...wierd)

All these ladies spending hours making blogs, and getting to know eachother all around the world. I think its wonderful, and yet, I cant help but think how odd it is and something slightly disturbs me... I just think about myself and my hermit tendancies, and how much easier it is to write on a forum, send something in the mail, comment on a post, and never actually talk to a person. I have no responsibility to those people, they are like magazine stories to me...and even though some of them I feel I know very well (because they post such beautiful things) they do not know me...and I dont know if I trust that.

I know all these ladies are awesome and I think that any way to bring people together is a good thing. So I thought...well they can all just come to my "dacha village learning center garden community" (as it is currently called) and we can drink tea and visit and actually meet. (Everyone needs a 'clubhouse' - chek out these kids club house and rules!)

Some of you live in awesome communities and wonder why I'm go on about this. Well, try living in suburbia for five years, work a desk job, ignore your art and friends for months at a time...and I guarantee you'll be itching like a crazy person looking for any scrap of friendship or artsy-fartsiness you can find!

So here is a list of the blogs of ladies I would love to bring for tea, and garden work, and a night in the great hall, maybe teaching me to knit a baby hat... (this is not exclusive - rather inclusive, I want you all to come! ...that you want to)


Lori Joy Smith

Lucky beans

angry chicken

montessori by hand


the scent of water

prickly pear bloom

two lime leaves

house on hill road

hoogli art


OK this list is getting too long to finish now. I'll keep adding. But the point is this: there are a lot of them, they are awesome and I want to meet them! I got these names from checking blogs that my friends like...and most of these lovely ladies know each other through the internet. Some of them are 'famous' in the right circles, and have published books based on their blogs...but I still hope they would come to the village...I like to dream big!

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The muddy mess of art and motherhood said...

I loved checking out some of those new links that you posted. I think for me what's been so fun about blogging and starting read other's blogs is finding a whole group of people that are so similar to me that I most likely never would have ever met. And going on to their blogs to see the creative things their doing with their art and their kids just inspires the heck out of me and gives me juice to do my own work.

But you're right, so far most of the great ladies I've found have been crafty sewers, which I haven't delved too much into yet, though my sister is starting to inspire me.

I will definitely join you for tea in your village.