Thursday, July 19, 2007

dacha correspondance!

Below is a copy of an email conversation between myself and a good friend, who wants to build a dacha village too - or something of the sort...

Hi Angie,

Is this the cohousing project you were talking about the other night?

It sounds absolutely fantastic! I like how they liken it to small-town living (I miss that so much about where I grew up) - I know you guys think Consort is pretty awful the way it is now but it has changed so much with all the oil and gas activity, long-time generation farmers have left and been replaced by a much more transient population who don't seem to care what's happening to their neighbours.

I think there are a lot of similarities between your ideas for a summer village and the idea of a permanent co-housing 'village' in the levels of social interaction and learning that are inspired by True Communities. It gives me a lot of hope thinking about these things (... I have to admit though I am very tempted by the idea that since our little village of townhouses has this wonderful rec centre, I might be able to stir up some increased community spirit right in my own backyard! And the fact that I have a little backyard too makes me inspired to get gardening!) But I think the idea of a place out of the city is even more attractive if I could figure it out career-wise ... and if I can't a little summer retreat in the country would be really nice too). What do you think of this place:

This valley with it's subtly rolling hills are so inspiring to me! Would 8.3 acres do us!? :-) How many people would we have in our summer village? Or how would you feel about leasing land to farmers - cattle would roam around our little village - but that would maybe make it kind of authentic in some ways (and more useful year round)

Another interesting property:

Hope you're having fun dreaming still (the drawings looked great!)


AAHHH! These are just awesome Michelle! And yes thats the project I was talking about. Co-housing is really cool...I agree on all you said. just have to find the best situation all around...part of me thinks that itwould be really cool... instead of having one house that is absolutely may be so cool to have two places - one in a really urban condo downtown, where my family can benefit from the city, culture and lifestyle, and a really rustic place in the country to build my community. If it was just me I would be pulled towards the rural place, but being married to Mr. pop culture makes me think the dual life may be good for us....And those lots are great - and so inexpensive makes it all seem sopossible! wow! Can I copy your post onto my blog? others would be interested too, and Ilike your links to prairiewinds and mls sites!

Thanks, and have a good you want to go out to canmore sometime soon? I was just there and the site I am designing a building on is goingto be bulldozed and I just have to save some of the gorgeous flowering plants out there for the garden! Angie

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