Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Hey guys,
so I have been doing too much blogging. Im reading so many great blogs about crafts and things people are making - where are all these folks? They are definately not in my town!

Anyways, if there really is time to sew, make cute little things, ponder under a tree and grow your own sprouts, I want to be doing it!

So, I have no excuses (or I'm not making any) I have four days at home with a very intelligent, responsive and easily stimulated kid. I can be doing fun stuff with him...I know it! I know hes young, but we made play dough on the weekend. - from erika's blog, (I'm almost proud to say we didnt have any white flour, so we made whole grain play dough - ooo how crunchy!) Marcel sort of played with it...he was confused as to why every time I made soemthing and gave it to him it sort of squished in his fingers.... but it was so fun!

So, Im now searching high and low for fun, crafty things to do with a toddler...

Granted I know its early, (hes 18 months) but eventually we have to think about school, and about what school to send marcel to, I would love him to go to a Waldorf, but that may not be in the bag, so I have to do my best to offer him what I can at home -

What do you think are the most important things for a child to learn? Ok of course, human and spiritual qualities (virtues) are the most important, but our activites and ways we live are what teach us those things...

Im making a brainstorm below

Things to try to teach my kid before he's bigger than me:

how to pray and meditate
play an instrument
grow vegges
make things he can use (sewing)
write html (thats his dad's job)
read and love it
express himself through an artform
find a sport and physical activity to pursue
play with anything lying around and make it fun
make friends

im sure theres many more...let me know!


Cam and Michelle said...

Better teach him quick..he's growing fast! ;)

(What's a Waldorf?)


Mamma said...

I know- Hes going to be a teenager in no time! Although his day home worker think hes just great - and she said she thinks hes definately a thinker and a philosopher, and so mild mannered! ANyways, maybe I'll do a post on Wladorf - but I dont know much, its a school system designed by Rudolf Steiner, that is quite different from the public system...I'll post more later.

The muddy mess of art and motherhood said...

Ok, the most amazing books I came across (checked them out from the library, but then Juliet saw them and ordered them used on amazon, were from the author trish kuffner. She has a whole series of "Busy Books" that are fantastic books with all sorts of crafts, games, and fun projects to with kids. Check them out: