Thursday, July 12, 2007

More kids

We had a lovely dinner with some friends last night with Babies just a little younger than Marcel...We were chatting and I was thinking how our kids are just starting to get to the age where we can play with them like kids and they are not so much babies any exciting! SO Im going to do a blog search for activities - some I already know of and hopefully I'll find new ones.

1) I so want to put out paper in the back yard, put on messy clothes and teach Marcel to paint! - this is inspired by Erika's painting efforts...

2) I think this is so cute! Making little bento boxes for kids, this is something they can help with and can enjoy eating...I gotta get me some little boxes...

actually this lady has so many amazing ideas on her site - shes a montesorri teacher, it all looks al ittle advanced for marcel - except maybe the feet painting...but soon!

3) And this one is cool - I should make a card set and give it to Sandra for a bit...

4)This is the cutest thing for a baha'i holy day...Manna and Damineh why are you leaving me? I want to do stuff like this for our kids!

5) Also Erika can do crafts with a toddler - man so can I!

6) Angry chicken is a good website with lots of ideas - most are a little old for the kids, but glueing sticks together is always fun!

7) and here is a craft we could make for baby number 2!

8) Even though its not reallya ge appropriate I just have to show you this birthday party planned by an old friend living in Africa for her little girl - wow, how incredible! What a dream party! the rest of her site is pretty lovely too!

Anyways, these are some of the things that have been indpiring me recently to be a better mom...I'll post more as I find them...enjoy!

PS I really want to get this book!

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The muddy mess of art and motherhood said...

Great list! I love that book too and was so impressed to see it on the blog! Looks like a good one to own.