Tuesday, July 31, 2007

oooh, not that crafty bug!

Well, if you read my post about photography, you will know that I have too many hobbies. If you read anything on this blog, you will know I have too many hobbies…

But these hands want to create! And to make something that people can use and love and cherish is so wonderful after years of making paintings and drawings that sit in a dark room, in a portfolio case, in the basement.

A birthday, a little boy, a close friend and a dream to make something that expresses my care and love for our friendship...these are things that inspire me to stay up past my bed time, to find spare time when there is none, and to make a little something that says how I feel.

I think I've caught the bug!

So, the past two weeks I made this set of three pillows for my friend's son's 2nd birthday. (actually I lie, I didn’t make the pillows, I bought them from IKEA, I may have caught the bug, but I still know my limitations. I can’t really expect to be able to sew in a week!)

What I did:

I drew the train on, and then inked it with puffy fabric paint. I then sewed on the buttons and cut out the wheels and shapes from stiff felt (which I cut slits into) and buttoned them on. The conductor I painted with blue puffy paint for a little variety. I did it so that little guy can practice doing buttons, but they are a little tricky to remove, so it may just be handy for washing purposes...)

It is all very simple and I am really happy with the concept and design. they went over well and I think for a first crafting project, it was a success...I hope maybe to inspire someone else out there who is intimidated by a sewing machine, to get out the puffy paint and see what they can create! I think I'll do an airplane next, hubby even said he would help with the buttons! Nice!


juliet said...

way to get crafty! isn't it fun? I love to sew big sloppy peices of material together. There is something so maternal and womanly about it.

Erika Hastings said...

You seem to be blossoming with creative expressions and activities.