Tuesday, July 31, 2007

ride in Fish Creek

We have discovered a wonderful place to go on our sunday mornings. I have lived in Calgary for 7 years now, and I have many mixed feelings about this place. It is my current home, a place where my family has come together, where I met my husband, had my baby, it is where my carreer has flourished, really, it has brought me so much. And yet it is still a cold place to me. I am uncomfortable here and I rarely have a moment where I really feel at home. I day dream about other cities and counties - Portland, Tauranga, Barcelona, Melbourne, Glenora, Auckland, Kenya, England, China, India... But I am here now, and here is where I have to look to learn...

This Sunday we rode our bikes through Fish Creek, had a swim in the refreshing water and stopped for a scone and tea at the gorgeous farm house there. That was a truly wonderful morning and I hope we have many more like it. I think Mark is going to post more pics of it, but here are a couple to give a taste!
(I realise the top pic looks like I am totally bored out of my mind...but it kind of cracks me up...Its actually a look of peaceful relaxation...)

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