Tuesday, July 17, 2007

whats on my ipod?

well, I dont have an ipod, I have a nano...and I only just got it working so I can download music. Thanks to my generous uncle who gave me $20 to spend on any music I want, I now have 20 new songs I love on it...and Im hooked...man at .99 cents a song, I think I want to download a million - so that would mean I need a million dollars (minus one million cents - hmmmm)
These are the awesome songs I discovered...

This Voice Ane Brun A Temporary Dive
Song No. 6 Ane Brun & Ron Sexsmith
The Greatest Cat Power
Tomorrow On the Runway The Innocence Mission Befriended
Walking Around The Innocence Mission Befriended
Decision Josh Garrels Over Oceans
SISU Josh Garrels Over Oceans
Break Bread Josh Garrels Over Oceans
Sweet River Roll Josh Garrels Over Oceans
Songbird Josh Garrels Over Oceans
Shadow Blues Laura Veirs Carbon Glacier
I Will Internalize Martha Wainwright I Will Internalize
Don't Forget Martha Wainwright Martha Wainwright
Stay On the Ride Patty Griffin Children Running Through
Heavenly Day Patty Griffin Children Running Through
It's a Hit Rilo Kiley More Adventurous
Lucky Me Sarah Slean Orphan Music
Lowdown Tiger Lou Is My Head Still On
Summer Teeth Wilco Summerteeth Rock

OK, I love all this stuffs!

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