Thursday, July 19, 2007

word paintings

OK, so this is another thing from left field but...I have done a lot of writing in my life...most of it very embarrassing, but some I go back to and read over and over again. Because I am a visual person, everything is a picture metaphor and so I call these "Word Paintings"

I'll leave this longer one to start...

Bubbles of beauty,
green slick,
salty spray.
Dry orange sunrise hidden,
Peeking?… unfolded beneath the duvet.
Parents in the pocket of an old coat,
in a lost cupboard of a postcard dream.
Folded in an envelope.
One purpose, dissatisfied with life,
yet I found joy in my daydream homeland.
Body like a vibration
flesh, aware of skin and the shiver of ten million capillaries each screaming.
And yet in my heart the air is so sweet that tea tastes like perfumed delight,
I feel as though my head is full of petals,
my heart is the dream-like moods of an ocean
though our car flies through the air to its sudden death,
The choking fear in my heart stops my dry throat,


Praise the Lord!…Here I come!

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