Wednesday, August 29, 2007

aug 29 update

Well, I havnt been writing much. I been busy. Wrote that idea how it went. I felt OK, but I also did last time, and I failed- so we will see... (did I just publish on the net that I failed an exam - how revealing of me...!)

Anyways, here's a pic of a craft I am working on for a I wont show the whole thing...

Also we started our book 4. It went really well. We are embroidering in this class, pictures that are symbols to remind us of the stories in the book. Its so fun to incorporate stuff like this in Ruhi. If you go to a boring Ruhi class (God forbid - they exist?) then bring your embroidery, or teach everyone. Then you will be busy and feel productive. (I have hands that wont stay still long enough to do section 1 let alone a whole book!)

I am also doing a lot of writing, but no one will see the fuits of this for a while...sorry. If only I could get my panel's built, I'd start working on the visuals.

Our weekend was great - very full. We went for Dim sum, Ruhi, Bithday parties, date night ( wow! I know!) swimming at the Eau Claire wading pool, lots of fun all around.

Marcel has been having a great week. His Day home worker got sick, so we have had to find alternate care for him. Yesterday he spent the day with a good friend who has three kids. He had so much fun. I have never seen him so tired at night. He cuddled with the youngest son to go to sleep for nap. That just warms me little heart. And this morning I left him with a good friend of mine, they were playing in the basement and he hardly even cried that I was going. I think he will have a blast today. Luckily we have good friends to help out! And best of all Marcel is happy!

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