Wednesday, August 22, 2007


So you all know I have been going to a homeopath. She has been great! Her name is Dr. Kerissa Nielen - of Neilsen Homeopathic Medical Clinic. Anyways, her work is so helpful and she puts such effort into her patients I wanted to give something back to her. So I designed a cabinet for the remedies. Its designed for her patients to follow her program. I find that it can be quite confusing if all your medicine's are not in one place and this would keep everything you need in one place. Im also going to make/design a little purse to carry your daily ones with you in your bag. This is yet to come...Kerissa doesnt read my blog so I figure its OK to post this now...but I wont give it to her till my next appointment in end of september...or maybe I'll email it to her if I cant stand the wait!


Mark Hebert said...

Looks good! Great idea!

Bruce Rout said...

This is so great Angie. It looks beautiful and has good practical aspects. Lovely.

juliet said...

wow, you really are an architect!!! very stylish and modern!