Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Update august 21

The above photos of my husband and kid are by Gary Hebert (Mark's dad)- you can check out his images at http://www.pbase.com/turnstyle

His photography is really amazing.

Well, another weekend flew by, and with it, I am afraid, may have flown the summer. Waking in the morning, the window open, looking out at a grey sky brought smells and crisp thoughts of winter. It’s during the change of the seasons that I always get nostalgic, and in the fall, maybe a little melancholy.

Expect poetry.

So, with a twinge of wistful anticipation, of a warm or isolated season I began my days. But it didn’t last long. A little belladonna and a lot of afternoon sun aired out those tendencies, like a musty sheet hung out on the line.

We had a gorgeous date at fish creek park, with my lovely ladies, and I gave them their gifts…finally. We had breakfast with the Routs of Calgary at the lazy loaf and kettle. We visited old friends at a bar-b-Q, and went to the zoo with a finally returned Grandma.

Marcel is vibrant now. He is loving the outdoors, running shouting EEEEEEE!, playing on the yoga swing, screaming with joy just to see the cat, giving passionate kisses and cuddles and loving life, food, sleep and love. How wonderful it must be to be alive at 19 months!

I am studying for a wicked (meant in the evil wizard sense – not so much Bill and Ted FYI) exam on Thursday. Site planning. 3.5 hours long. (and that’s a short one!) I am nervous. Maybe they will let me be an architect just for surviving the stress of this!

I’d better get on the ball with the pictures. I have them on the camera. It is a very long journey between the camera and the computer, and then even longer between the computer and the blog. I must encourage those pics to make a speedier voyage!

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Cam and Michelle said...

Good luck on your exam!