Tuesday, August 14, 2007

update august 14

We had another busy weekend. Friday was passport day - that was an adventure. Marcel's first proffessional photograph. We went to chinatown, the chinese man was very concerned about our looks. He gave me make up- (I guess he noticed I had none on) He fixed my hair, gave marcel a jacket to wear - his shirt was too pale. It was quite an ordeal.

Saturday we went to Sylvan lake Bahai center for the 40th anniversary. This was overall a good day. we had a little gang of us go up, and we enjoyed mostly the soccor in the evening, and lots of talking in the car. The lake is beautiful right now.

Sunday we drove to Bassano and harvested a huge amount of vegges from Mark's mom's garden. The green beans are 12" and thick. Marcel just ate them non-stop. The food is amazing and reminds us of what life is supposed to be like! We got potatoes and onions and beets and carrots aswell. I spend monday steaming them to freeze for future use.

Ive been crafting, but since they are gifts I have to wait to post the pictures till I give them away. We are also preparing for book 4, that will include lots of arts and crafts, and a craft nigth once a month at my house...so exciting!

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