Thursday, August 16, 2007

craft night

ooo, er..I think I need to edit this post. It looks like, at first glance that I made these gorgeous items. Sadly I didnt. But I wish I had. The book I made is no where near as wonderful, but I will post a pic tonight...I think. These pics are merely inspiration for our amazing night! - And yes, Juliet, you can come too!

I finished these cute little books last night. (ummm, scan wont link up- I'll get on it soon) We are going to make a version of them at our craft night - so I thought I'd post a "How-to" pic for reference for people comming and so that they dont forget what we did. The descriptions are maybe not good enough to follow if youve never made a book before, but it may help inspire you to experiment! The little books I made turned out so well Clarrissa deided to make her own - so Ive started her on that! Its pretty fun showing someone how to do something like that - shes taken it and made it her own! Ive been doing some guilty searches on flickr for craft projects for our group. That prgram is so addictive! There are so many mazing projects...I'll post a couple for your viewing enjoyment... (Ummm, I didnt want to diss those incredible artists with just stealing their inspirational images - so I posted the links to their flickr pages below...see if you can match them up!)


Cam and Michelle said...

Those look pretty neat.


Juliet said...

Wow, can I come to your crafts night too???