Monday, September 17, 2007

One week of madness

is about to insue!

for your amusement I will dance a non-stop jig, while I design a mountain style 3 storey wonder of timber and geometery, study for a 6 hour exam, which is comprised of material I havent looked at for years, stay sane from too much self and external criticism, and keep my family fed and clothed (especially in cute crochet stuff...I know you are dissapointed I havnt photographed his new hat, scarf and the one slipper I made...too cute!) Oh and how could I forget...while doing this jig I will also pack everything I may need for myself and my baby for a transatlantic jouney of ten days to visit a place I have never been, that seems otherworldy at this time. Oh, and I will also be trying to spend quality time with my husband, that I am going to miss terribly while I am gone...and did I mention we have a new student arriving on friday, and the bedding in her room hasnt even been changed from the last student...did I mention I am already feeling a little burned out?

Sigh. Pray for me please. I believe my bits and pieces may start falling off.

OOO, but my homeopath says she can sure motion sickness, and this ten hour flight with a toddler, is going to be the major testing ground!

Any suggestions as to how to keep a non-talking, walking, running and clambering boy happy and entertained on a jet would be greatly appreciated.

Man, this post needs pictures!

and FYI Ruhi with embroidery is the best combination invented, please try it! Even the hubby is all over it! I have been a tutor for a long time, and had some great classes but till now have never had people tell me they just cant wait for ruhi...Im so pleased as punch!

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