Saturday, October 06, 2007

Bath - impressions of the city

Bath seemed to change as we stayed there. On first arrival it was sunny and bright. The city looked bright, and full of light.

But the next day the gray clouds sort of took over the sky, and never left.

The stone is beautiful and has a detailed texture that makes the city feel special no matter where you are in it.

You cant leave the house without a proper outfit and hairstyle when it looks like this - now can you?

The place was designed all at once, by one designer, and you can tell. It has a monotony that is at times unified, and at other times slightly hard and repetitive.

You experience the hardness of the city when you have a toddler who cant go outside without the stroller. But the pedestrian scale of the city was well appreciated. The fact that the entire place is considered. Every doorway embellished.

It was stately, and refined to me. Very Regency, upper class. And I sort of felt more refined when I was there. I didn't really do the museums, except the fashion one, which was pleasant. With a child you really feel what it is like to live in a city rather than holiday there.

I found where to get groceries.

How far the local play ground is. What its like to cook, clean, and push a baby around in a stroller on bumpy roads.

After that experience I can say that Bath is not where I would like to live.

Attend the Jane Austin festival, yes.

Be a Bathonian

Now the countryside in the area, thats another story and another post. For now, this is the city of Bath, through my eyes...

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