Saturday, October 06, 2007

Bath - in retrospect

Ok, so I want to write some stories about Bath so I don't forget. I also want to tell you that yesterday, in the car on the way home from High River, I understood a word Marcel has been saying. (some say that their children learn new words, I am convinced Marcel is already talking in complete sentences, I just don't understand them yet...) Anyways, this is exciting because up till now all we have understood is : meow, rrrar! (for what a dragon says), Down! Done! (which sounds a lot like "down"), and, in england, we heard the all time classic - MOOO! (for a cow. He also does sound affects: (not including uh uh, which is get me that now before I cry, mamamam - for "Im sad", and owe -owee for "I hurt"...) blblblb which is the sound a truck, train, car, boat or airplane makes, - made with the tongue outside of the mouth and weo-weo weo for an ambulance, of course.

But now he has added a very important noun. And nouns are different than sound effects or demands. They are a sign of intelligence and of humanity (as the Bible will tell us) And so, (drum roll please) the new word is:

TRA-CTOR (pronounced with no distinctive r sound and in two very distinct syllables)

Its very cool, although, until now, I had no idea how into tractors he was. We always thought it was the trucks and busses that wowed him. but what do we know?

Anyways, back to Bath.

Heres a pic to get you going:

This is all of us dressed up on the second day. Marcel's costume really took the cake for me, but it was all so fun. Unfortunately we missed out of cream tea at the pump house for that day, due to a nap requirement, but my brother thought the cake was dry anyways, and stowford farm was far more impressive. but more on that later...

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Erika Hastings said...

Again, you guys look amazing! You are so brave to have gone on that trip with Marcel!