Monday, October 15, 2007

canal ride

Hi. Yes, yet another Bath know all about it already right? well, check this out!

We rented a canal boat for the day and trucked up the waters from Bath to Bradford on Avon (a little longer than anticipated...we were so enthralled with the fact that they just gave the boat to us for the day, we forgot to get it back on time...ooops!)

But the trip was gorgeous...except would have been better had the kid found a happier place to nap...- note to self, boats are small...and life jackets, uncomfortable...bring toys!)

Anyways, the 4 hour ride to Bradford was gorgeous and perfectly picturesque. Some of the ladies managed to don their costumes for the day, which made things even more whimsical. And of, course, we had a reading, or two, of the unpublished works of Cameron Rout...We are all still waiting to hear what happens to his young, French, very unmusical, hero...left contemplating suicide over certain death...

I would recommend doing this for anyone in Bath. The cost is minor when you have a big group...only get yourselves organized and get out there early, so you can enjoy the entire day upon the waters!

I didnt know too much about the canals, but apparently the run all through England, and people live and holiday on these narrow boats. Check wiki for history and maps... The canals were (I hear) originally made to transport goods and so there is a path beside the entire canal for the horses who would pull the boats with far less trouble than over land. Just as the canal system was finished being built, the steam train was invented. Many canals have been left to their fate, but the British government is in a project to fix them up because they are historical and perfect for tourists. The flat path makes biking just awesome! Next time a long bike trip along the canal will be a requirement!
Oh, and in case you were wondering, here is my sister in front of Jane Austin's house, in Bath, in her day dress.

She is the queen, who got us all to go on this trip, organized all the details and planned everything. Oh, and in her spare time (she just became a lawyer) she hand sewed everyones costumes! Yes, by hand. I saw it myself.

Oh, and in case you are interested, shes already planning next years trip, and anyone willing to wear Regency clothes and wanting a sojourn in southern England is welcome. I think we'll rent a Manor next time, in the countryside. And there will be much rejoicing!

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