Sunday, October 14, 2007

the cream tea report

this is the post I have been savoring about our trip to Bath. It was a cool day.

We went to visit a castle. I was exhausted and Marcel was sick. He was wound up and cranky.

I wanted to relax.

The castle was interesting, but I couldn't read about it while chasing the bubba.

I really, really wanted to sit (for half a second) and have tea. Cream tea to be exact. And be warm and have someone else (for a minute at least, enjoy it with me.)

We were directed to Stowford farms. It was heaven.

The beautiful Manor farm was so perfectly English, and old, and foreign to me. The tea house: yellow, warm and comfortable. The tea: hot and the cream, from the Jersey cow, magnificent. the scones: of course, made with eggs from the chickens.

After almost a week in the city of bath, piecing together meals from foreign groceries, this was absolutely the most glorious treat we had!

This is what going on a holiday in England is all about! (for me at least!) We loved it so much and boasted about it with everyone that we decided to make a special trip there on the last day of our holiday.

We all got dressed up Jane Austin style and headed down there.

It was just as lovely, and everyone was almost in teas when the scones, jam and fresh (I mean truly, truly, fresh) cream was laid before us.

We laughed, and enthusiastically gobbled up the treats while discussing the condition of the hounds and whether Mr. Darcy will be played by either one of our dashing male chaperones. What fun!

I had no idea I had such a in inner need to drink tea with scones and jam, until it was filled by this wonderful place.

Thank you Stowford! When in Bath, you must all pay this place a visit.

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Erika Hastings said...

Wow! Where did you guys get those rocking clothes? You look so amazing and looks like you had a great trip to England.

I'm just taking the time to catch up on our blog now, finally, after my internet was down for several weeks and then I had a cold this last week.

Hope you're well,