Monday, October 22, 2007

crochet - shawl

OK, and then I made this shawl. I got some lovely wool from my mom, that was oh sooo natural, and rustic...and yes... oh so scratchy. So I chose to make a shawl that I would probably wear overtop of other things. I need a better button, but this will do for now. Actually I am taking apart the edging and making a more solid band at the bottom. Hopefully this will give me the impression I want. I never wear shawls, but I find this one great, and oh so warm. I really need a better clasp for it. A broach? perhaps?

And other than that I bought egg shell blue paint for the kitchen. I'll post pics as soon as I can get batteries for the camera. Almost finished season six of smallville...and a new pair of mitts (black of course) for me hubby. Baby been sick for the last few days. Its strange when he becomes sick so slowly. I didnt notice how under the weather he was, until now that hes feeling better and Im like - WOW, now thats a fun kid! (we missed halloween due to baby being too sick, bummer.)

We have also been watching a lot of P and P....(Mr. Darcy - or , er Pride and Prejudice for those of you not in the lingo...) So fun that its Marcel's new favorite show. Mine too. Even DH is into it.

Ive got many big plans up my sleeve - like painting with the bubba this winter, and potty training.

Been experiencing some difficulties on the working mom depatment. Balance is so hard, and it seems both sides of my life are pulling in opposite directions.

I'll think more carefully about this and write later. For now, I leave you with...Colin Firth...(sigh)

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Tara Rout and said...

Yay! Love the shot of our beloved Darcy. Martin left this morning for three weeks, so I will be watching a LOT of costume dramas. Can you make me a shawl?