Monday, October 22, 2007

crochet - mitts (do it, so "they" will come...and we'll build it together!)

Well. After that vest I decided I could do just about anything (by way of crochet!)...and since its getting colder I needed some mitts. Unfortunately (for me) these ended up too big, but thats OK, I have a friend who will enjoy them. These are made with no pattern. I just used the same stitches as the vest...I made a band for the wrist, then a square, which I gathered like the slippers. Then I folded the piece in half and sewed it together. The hardest part was the thumb...but it was made by switching back and forth along the bottom, and decreasing stitches at the top. Sounds tricky but its not. I did the thumb in single crochet stitch, and decreased at the top for the end.

Well, that all doesn't make a heck of a lot of sense, but thats that. If you want to make one, (or two) let me know and I'll tell you how...or maybe you are more careful than me and able to read a pattern!

Ive got lots of ideas now, and too little time to do them (let a lone write about them). Ive started studying again. Mechanical and electrical building systems. Its so fun! Boilers, HVAC, furnaces, conductance and resistance.

I wanted to buy this house in High River based on the fact that it has a detached studio. (well, heres a pic of it...actually its pretty darn cute, if you ask me...just hope its on the market three years from now...when we will be too!)

I really, really, want a detached studio. I think to myself, if I had that studio I would start my own art school, Id have kids from the whole neighborhood over in the afternoons and we would paint and build things. And I would be more proficient, Id finish that comic I keep saying I'm working on, I'd produce many paintings, books blog entries...maybe I'd even have a student to help me get organized and publish a design curriculum for kids who want to be architects...hrummmm....and I don't even have time now to make a blog entry about my new mitts!

But heres the point. Ive been thinking well, If I don't have the studio, that doesn't mean I cant start building my little empire without it. I'm not too good at starting small, but I'm going to work on it. I don't really think the idiom "if you build it they will come" applies in my case. Instead I need to live it, breathe it, do it, and they will come...and then we can all build it...right? (metaphorically speaking of don't all have to build my house - trust me, I'm excited to do that too!)

Oh, and Tara...your house is for sale in High River as well...right across the street! Anyone out there, the one below is $695,000 on, And my house with the red roof is listed for $385,000 so, if you have the money you can have it...(for now!)

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