Monday, October 22, 2007

crochet - slippers

Its finally time to post some of my recent crochet stuff.

In Bath I was able to make some slippers for my sister.

These are bigger versions of the ones I made for Marcel.

(which he simply will not wear. They are a little long for him seeing as I didn't measure him properly, so I cant blame him...) These are also the slippers I have chosen to teach my friends how to make at our craft night. I found the pattern online. It is so easy...even I can do it! Here is the link to the pattern I found - which is the simplest I could find: Easy slippers

You basically make a rectangle. One length as long as your foot, the other long enough to wrap around your foot. And thats all the crochet! Then you stitch the end that should be at the end of your toe, and pull the thread tight to gather it. You stitch up the foot leaving space for you to put the slipper on, and stitch up the back for the heel. This is not much of a tutorial but please, its that easy!

Anyways, we also made a trip to Bradford on Avon, and there I bought some beautiful wool and started Marcel's vest.

This wool came complete with a look through the photo album of the sheep who donated it. Unbleached, hand shorn and spun, this stuff comes with a lot of love...

I included a couple context photos. The church is Saxon,

like 6th century...and the tithe barn roof,

an immense structure of gorgeous heavy timber...And the town. so picturesque...

Now I am home, I want to go back there...having just watched Elizabeth i think I could live in my own fantasy version of 17th Century England forever...well, on the other hand, maybe not...

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