Saturday, November 10, 2007

amazing what a little colour can do!

finally, oh finally...we painted the kitchen.

Now we didnt get to all of it, just a couple walls but its amazing how wonderful that is! I chose "duck egg blue" which is almost green.

I am so pleased with it, but to be honest I think I would be happy with many many colours...COLOUR! Im so tired of beige...and ugly old wallpaper runners that spell out - cheap, tasteless and OMG Im so scared of anything that breaks from the norm!

OK, so I think the colour is actually more and more popular these days, but who knew - I went off instict and the colour schemes of a few of my favorite blogs. Now I suggest all of you go and paint your kitchen too!

Its amazing how these few painted wall have made the little things in my house suddenly jump out. Arranging my jars on a shelf becomes a creative moment.

my plants look so much prettier

even my spice jars look artful (to me...)

I find I am apprectiating the little things - my spoons and tools in a flower pot, the reflections of light...

everything just looks better in "duck egg blue"...

especially the hubby! cute!


d said...

i absolutely love the colour of your kitchen! could you please please please pass on the colour, brand etc? i live in hawai'i and we need a little sprucing up over our sand (that's the nice description) actually beige-ugh- walls in the kitchen. thank you so much!


Erika Hastings said...

I just painted my kitchen too! I love the color you chose.