Saturday, November 10, 2007

food, the scone report

Since we got back from England...we have been eating a lot of this:

Yum. Scones, Jam, Earl Grey, and CREAM!

We found something called "thick cream" at Safeway. This stuff may kill us if we are not careful.

So I have been making a lot of scones, as we found that they are impossible to purchase here. (We tried .Once. Never again.)

So I started with the recipe in the "Betty Crocker cook book". They were hard, and dense. Overall: unpleasant (could have also been my inexperience).

Then "Joy of cooking". Had better success with this one. I read and re-read the mixing instructions. I have found this to be of utmost importance. I have since bought a pastry cutter. Essential for any scone lover.

We ate many of these scones, till I realized we are eating these so much...I needed to find a healthy recipe. (J'o'cooking, has all white flour...)

So, I came up with the ones in the pic above. I substituted half the flour with whole wheat, and half with Spelt flour.

Risky? I know.

But they actually came out well! Light and flaky. So I will provide the recipe...but for detailed mixing see the joy of cooking.

Preheat oven to 450F
2 cups four (1/2 Whole wheat 1/2 spelt flour)
2t Baking powder
1/2 t salt
mix above (or if you are lucky a little helper will do this very willingly, and patiently. Amazing what a 22 monther is capable of!)

cut in 6T butter, (I used margarine, but butter would be better)

cut until looks like bread crumbs

add 3/4 cup milk

mix only until wet (I use my hands - works best - also I had to add a little flour cuz it was too sticky)

Roll on counter (just press with hands to 1" thick)
cut circles with a glass (or, if you are that organized use a cookie cutter)

place on ungreased pan.

cook 10-15 min.

eat while still hot with jam, cream, and earl gray tea.

Then you can come to Bath next year and fully indulge your addiction!

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